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    Nutrition offers

    Good nutrition contains all the nutrients needed to maintain the health & safety of the body and in quantities appropriate to what it needs daily.

    Attention to a healthy diet for children affects positively the stages of the child’s development
    5 sessions with Dietitian for your child only for SAR 399
    By knowing and providing a full understanding of how your body responds to all kinds of different foods and sports and their effect on the body and weight and knowing the main cause of obesity based on your profile

    5 sessions with Dietitian for Pregnant only for SAR 499
    Proper nutrition for your health is one of the most important tips during pregnancy, by following a diet that suits your condition

    Healthy Food Diet Programs

    • 3 sessions for SAR 499 Only
      5 sessions for SAR 599 Only
      8 sessions for SAR 699 Only

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